The Yoga Studio



Located at 1-7 Emma Street, Collingwood, 3066

  • A variety of classes and styles to suit EVERYone
  • A welcoming, encouraging and supportive environment
  • Fantastic teachers
  • The most affordable rates in Melbourne
  • A generous schedule to suit anyone’s schedule
  • A focus on quality in each class
  • A range of events and workshops to complement your practice
yoga teachers

I Am That – Yoga is incredibly proud of the fantastic Yoga teachers that teach at the studio. While each is different, a warm and welcoming energy, years of teaching experience and ample certified training, are the common denominators.

Yoga Studio Schedule

An ever expanding schedule, I Am That – Yoga will surely have something for everybody. From beginner foundation classes to strong vinyasa flows and grounding Yin classes, anyone is sure to feel like this is the place for them.

yoga prices

Making Yoga accessible. That is our goal. Our $13 drop in rate is a reflection of this ethos. With different pricing option we assure that anyone who wants to practice Yoga, can. Because Yoga is for EVERYbody.

Studio Enquiries

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