Virtual Corporate Yoga

Work from Home

Online Yoga and Wellbeing for your Team

  • Focus
  • Movement
  • Connection
  • Health
  • Teamwork
    These are all things that suffer when your team works from home. They are also the things that are essential for the productivity and growth of a business. Our Virtual Yoga and Wellbeing offer all of that.

Support your team through stressful times by, not only providing them access to a well-rounded, virtual, real-life Yoga and Meditation community but by including regular team wellness sessions in which everyone comes together to breathe, reconnect and move.

Our Virtual Corporate Yoga and Wellbeing Package

I Am That – Yoga is a local Melbourne Yoga community that has been offering Community, Connection and Yoga for years. With many local corporates offering their staff access to regular Yoga classes here, the start of a Work From Home trend meant a shift in our offering.

Having taken the I Am That – Yoga community online with a platform that offers both LIVE classes* and pre-recorded video classes, practices and tutorials, we are uniquely positioned to offer your staff, not just the ability to stay healthy and grounded in their own time from wherever, whenever; but also a regular team session that allows them to connect with colleagues and managers in a non-formal, well-being-centred class.

Included in our Virtual Corporate Yoga and Wellbeing Package is the

  • An unlimited access, Virtual Yoga Platform subscriptions for every single staff member (with 4-10 new classes and practices a day and 2 live-streamed* public classes a day)
  • a minimum of 1 team Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness or Stress-Release session per week that will be tailor-made to your brand, requirements and team and is streamed** live to every staff member that registers for the class.

Keep your team healthy, focused and above all, connected. Give them the support they need to successfully Work From Home and simultaneously:

✔Support a local small business
✔Show that your team’s wellbeing matters to you
✔Boost well-being and productivity
✔Increase employee morale
✔Connect and be together as a team

Full Access Virtual Corporate Yoga and Wellbeing packages start at only $800*** per MONTH

*Quality of live-streams depend on the individual’s internet connectin
** Smaller groups can even have a collaborative team session in which all team members can join the virtually and practice together in a “virtual”room
***Price varies with number of team members and number of weekly team live session required.