How to Become a Yogi

In the modern world, Yogis are revered as calm, bendy, enlightened figures with enviable physical...

What is yoga

What is Yoga?

Find your Yoga If you ask your favorite Yoga teacher, a well-respected guru across the...

yoga for pain

Yoga for Pain Management

How yoga can help reduce pain Breath, concentration and mindful movement. These are the foundations...

Yoga Alignment

Alignment GUIDES, not alignment RULES

What a difference a word makes.  While each posture has its own foundation, setup and...

Cork Yoga Mat

Why Cork?

What is Cork and why is my Yoga Mat made of it? Over my years...

I Am That - Yoga

What is ‘I Am That’

I Am That, Soham, सो ऽहम् I Am That – Yoga is named after a yogic...

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