The Community Garden


Community Garden

Nurturing a space that is there for everyone.

That upstairs terrace sure is a beautiful spot to sit and just be! What better use for a sunny, communal outdoor area, than a community garden. Sit amongst the fruits, herbs, veggies and the bees and chill before class, harvest some lettuce and veggies for your dinner salad, or pick cleansing herbs for tea and smudge sticks! 
Managed by our founder, Victoria (official I Am That – Yoga plant mama) and Hope (professional botanist and all-round awesome human) with the help of the whole I Am That community, lets make things grow! 

How does it work?

At the start of December, with the funds raised at our FUNDRAISER on Sat. Nov 23rd, we will be building veggie and herb patches, plant some fruit trees and flowers and create sitting opportunities on the upstairs terrace of I Am That – Yoga . This will all be expertly set up in a Community Garden, with the proper shelter, protection, irrigation and fertilization and will be managed by a small team of volunteers (register your interest).
  • The Community Garden will be open during operating hours of the studio (half an hour before and after all classes), 7 days a week.
  • Access to the Community Garden is FREE for everyone.
  • Harvesting of the things grown in the community garden is FREE for I Am That – Yoga unlimited members, and at a gold coin donation (into the cash box near the door) for everyone else. This money will go towards maintaining the garden.
  • If you have no funds available and need something from the community garden, please feel free to help yourself. The cash box will be run on an honesty basis.
  • If you access the community garden and see that any of the plants need some attention, please feel free to tend to them! Water them, add some plant food or prune them where necessary. If you don’t have a green thumb and NO idea what to do, chat to someone at reception and we will make sure we check on the plant baby in need.
  • Please do not remove or harm the plants in any way, they are there for all of us to enjoy!
  • Please do not remove any of the gardening utensils from the property.
  • IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO BEES please note that we WILL be planting flowers that help sustain the local bee population and acccess to the garden is at your own risk.
  • Please note that we do not take any responsibility for any loss, damage to property or injury occurring in the garden.

Think we should plant something specific? Shoot us an email and make requests, and if we can and think it is a good fit, we will plant it! Questions? Suggestions? Worries? Contact Us as we learn and grow this garden together!

Community Garden Collingwood