30-Day Chakra Sādhanā



The 30-Day Sādhanā at I Am That – Yoga:

The darkest time of the year, the depth of winter, June is the perfect month to delve into a more guided, consistent practice that will help you develop the kinds of habits that will form the foundation for a long-term path to a more mindful, balanced life.

Join us on this 30-day Sadhana and spend a little bit of time every day with fellow yogis, learning about your energy centres (Chakras), developing practices and habits that help you balance, heal and unblock them, and ultimately learn how to create a healthy, centred and mindful life.

Included in this Sādhanā:

  • Daily practice, encouraged by a daily Newsletter sent to your inbox every morning, featuring information about daily practices, kriyas, food, chakras and yoga, to encourage and support your self-practice so that you don’t necessarily have to visit the studio every day.
  • The guidance of your 3 teachers, in weekly, 90-minute, Friday evening workshops directed at that week’s addressed Chakra, a weekly 60-minute Sunday morning meditation, pranayama and kriya workshop with the opportunity to join us for pot luck lunch (everyone brings something) thereafter. These will all happen 4-5 times in that 30-Day month. Attend as many of few as you like. Taylor your Sādhanā to your needs and your schedule!
  • A goodie bag filled with a chakra journal, our Ayurvedic copper drink bottle, supporting crystals and essential oils and lots more.
  • A weekly Yoga Nidra on Tuesday evenings: 8pm-9pm
  • A catered lunch on the last day with the opportunity to hang out, share, and celebrate.
  • Permanent access to a Google Drive containing recorded classes and Nidras, resources and information to use on your continuing journey after the 30-day Sādhanā.
  • The non-members pricing also includes the necessary unlimited access to all classes on the schedule, that members already enjoy.

This Sādhanā will give you the tools to develop your own, consistent spiritual practice as well as the opportunity to connect with your community of like-minded yogis in weekly lunches, workshops, chats and events.


A willingness to dedicate your time, efforts and attention in the month of June to practice, balance, health and well-being.

Absolutely NO prior experience or knowledge required. Open to ANYone.


What is a Sādhanā and what is it for?

Sadhguru: When we say sadhana, we are not talking about any particular aspect. We are talking about using every aspect of life – both internal and external – so that it is a continuous nurturing for your life. Because the very nature of a human being is such, unless there is some dynamism, some movement in his life towards betterment within and outside of himself, he will feel frustrated. He has to keep moving to a newer and newer possibility. Sadhana is that which facilitates that.

Everything can be sadhana. The way you eat, the way you sit, the way you stand, the way you breathe, the way you conduct your body, mind and your energies and emotions – this is sadhana. Sadhana does not mean any specific kind of activity, sadhana means you are using everything as a tool for your wellbeing

30-Day Schedule:

sadhana schedule
*PMK = Pranayama, Meditation and Kriyas


Your Teachers: Christina Gagnier Victoria Csarmann Jennifer Crescenzo Start: Friday 31 May, 6:30pm Finish:  Sunday 30 June, 1pm

Ready to join us on your very own Yogic journey to well-being?



Non-Member Price (incl. Unlimited Yoga classes for the 30 days, all workshops, courses, content and Yoga Nidra, as well as a goodie bag and lunch on June 30th!)


Member Price* (incl. all workshops, courses, content and Yoga Nidra, as well as a goodie bag and lunch on June 30th!)

*This is in addition to the ongoing unlimited debit membership