Good To Know

Yoga for Pain Management

How yoga can help reduce pain Breath, concentration and mindful movement. These are the foundations of physical yoga practice. They are also some of the most effective ways to manage pain, naturally. Yoga, as an ancient tradition and in its many forms, has been a way of life for millions of people throughout centuries. It builds resilience, strength and ability…

Alignment GUIDES, not alignment RULES

What a difference a word makes.  While each posture has its own foundation, setup and form, everyone’s ‘perfect’ pose looks different. Musculo-skeletal structures, past injuries, habits, fascia, flexibility or strength are just a few of the numerous factors that affect your Asana practice. As such, being in ‘alignment’ means something very different to all of us. Why then put alignment…

Why Cork?

What is Cork and why is my Yoga Mat made of it? Over my years of practicing and teaching Yoga, I have learned how incredibly important the surface you practice on is. Whether you practice all the time or just occasionally, your Yoga mat will be your place of sweat, rest, comfort, focus, concentration, balance and movement; a very intimate space….

What is ‘I Am That’

I Am That, Soham, सो ऽहम् I Am That – Yoga is named after a yogic mantra. The sanskrit chant सो ऽहम् or ‘Soham’ literally translates into I am He, or I am That, which in Hindu, is one and the same thing. It is a universal mantra, present within all of us as the sound of our breath (‘So’ as we…

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