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Alignment GUIDES, not alignment RULES

What a difference a word makes. 

While each posture has its own foundation, setup and form, everyone’s ‘perfect’ pose looks different. Musculo-skeletal structures, past injuries, habits, fascia, flexibility or strength are just a few of the numerous factors that affect your Asana practice. As such, being in ‘alignment’ means something very different to all of us. Why then put alignment guides on our mats you may ask.

Because they are exactly that: GUIDES, not rules. Every Asana has its own benefits and reasons for having been created, included and featured in a given practice. As such, there are certain cues that ensure that

  • you reap the most benefits from the pose
  • the pose does not have a contraindicative effect.

We have transformed these cues into visual references on your mat. Often when in Asana, phrases like ‘straighten the knee’ or ‘square the hips’ can be incredibly abstract because we cannot really see our bodies. What’s more is that we usually don’t have much time to contemplate what is ‘straight’, ‘angled’ or ‘square’.

The alignment guides on your Natural Cork Yoga Mats are meant to help you understand Yoga’s verbal cues while you are in a posture or transitioning into one. They are by no means instructions or rules.

This is your Yoga, your practice and only you will know what feels right. So adjust all guides (as well as any verbal cues) for YOUR body and YOUR needs, because in the end, that is all we are. Guides to your Yoga.


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