300hr – Beyond Asana Immersion / TT

300hr Christina Gagnier



They say it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to achieve mastery. Finding YOUR Yoga will inevitably mean exploring beyond the 4 corners of your Yoga mat. Teaching and holding space for 𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘴 to find theirs, requires a deep connection to your own Yoga.⁣

Commencing in 2020, we explore Yoga beyond your physical Asana practice in a 300hr part-time, immersion / training, facilitated by Christina Gagnier and supported by a diverse group of experienced teachers that will delve individual moules that that explore all 4 paths of Yoga: Raja, Jnana, Karma and Bhakti.



Offered part-time, over a series of modules through 2020, this learning path has been carefully curated with the intent to delve deeper into the more subtle areas Yoga. While a lot of space and attention is given to the Yoga path of Raja – Royal Yoga, including hatha yoga (the yoga of postures) and the 8 steps to enlightenment), the other paths include Jnana (the path of knowledge), bhakti (the path of devotion), and karma yoga (the path of spiritual liberation).

This 300hr immersion will touch upon all paths in different modules and is thus suitable for students and teachers alike. 

Its focus will be on the learning and deepening of your Yoga. Most modules are open to anyone wanting to learn, some modules  are specific to Yoga teachers.  As such, doing the full 300hr immersion / tt has a pre-requisite of having completed a 200hr YTT, however, participating in individual modules will not. Those modules that do have this pre-requisite will be marked with **.


300hr teacher training


300hr Full TT for teachers (Modules 1-9) : $4590.00


160hr Non-Teacher Immersion (1, 2, 3, 4 & 7) : $2500.00


Pricing for Individual Modules:

** marks Teacher-specific modules that have a 200hr YTT pre-requisite
    • Module 1: 25 hrs: Tantra of relationship
    • Module 2: 25 hrs: The Yoga in Business
      • $499
    • Module 3: 40 hr: Embodied Anatomy
      • $699
    • Module 4: 20 hrs: Alignment and the Anatomy of Breath
      • $449
    • Module 5: 45hrs: Sequencing and Assisting**
      • $749
    • Module 6: 40hrs: Holding Transformational Space in the Class**
      • $699
    • Module 7: 50hrs Mantra, Philosophy and Sound
      • $799
    • Module 8: 20hrs Theming**
      • $449
    • Module 9: 35 Hours Advance Your Teaching**
      • $649


Payment Plans are available
I Am That – Yoga member discounts of 10% apply throughout all modules and full prices
A number of scholarships are available. An application process applies.

For details, enquire here:

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** marks Teacher-specific modules that have a 200hr YTT pre-requisite
Module 1: Tantra of Relationships (25hrs)


Friday 27 – Sunday 29 March
One of the revolutions of Tantra was that it was a householder religion. For the first time in the history of yoga, people of different castes, jobs and religions were able to participate in practices that would awaken them in one lifetime. This module is focused on the philosophy of Tantra and how it can be used in all types of relationships to support awakening in Yoga, life, relationships with yourself and with others.
In this module you will learn:
– Nonviolent communication methods to speak from a place of kindness to yourself and others
– Embodied understanding how to know what you are reaching for, how to meet others from a place of clarity and how to take in the relationship so it energetically supports you
– The philosophy of Tantra that supports awakened relating
– How to meet others and yourself from the place of your heart

Module 2: The Yoga in Business (25hrs)


Friday 08 – Sunday 10 May
Each one of us has a dharma (a fundamental purpose of existence) that drives us to do what we do. In this module, we will understand the philosophy of yoga and how we can apply it to professional and business contexts that allow you to succeed in ways that align with your dharma, your values and your yoga.
In this module you will learn to:
– Understand and define your dharma
– Build a framework of career and business based on, and in support of your dharma, your values, your Self
– Manage finances in support of your true purpose
– Navigate ethics and professionalism in business
– Communicate and market your brand, identity, purpose and role clearly and effectively to stakeholders such as students, customers, partners, clients, staff, managers…etc.

Module 3: Embodied Anatomy (35hrs)


Thursday 04 – Monday 08 June
The human body is more than just muscles, tissue and bones. According to yoga philosophy, it is a microcosm of the whole universe. Often, there is a gap between how we practice asana and how we meditate. To be a nondual practioner, we should meet all the systems of our bodies and integrate them into the conversation of a yoga pose. This module will work to bring asana and meditation together to support presence and a felt sense of the universal consciousness through connection to our anatomy.
In this module you will learn to:
– Work with the different systems of the body to support wholeness and presence in asana
– Understand how each system supports movement and create new possibilities in asana through transitions
– Learn to feel and understand the skin, bones, fluids, fascia, endocrine system, primal midline, embryological anatomy and developmental movement patterns that support your body in yoga.

Module 4: Alignment and the Anatomy of Breath (25 hrs)


Friday 24 – Sunday 26 July
This module will provide the opportunity to drop in deeply with the modern concepts of musculoskeletal alignment addressing variations, modifications and injury as well as a detailed study on the anatomy of breath and its affect on the energetic body.
In this module you will learn:
– Anatomical relationships between body and movement
– Ways to address varying bodies and mobilities
– The relationship between breath, movement and the varying energies in the body
– The foundations of breath in its anatomical, pranic and embodied principles

Module 5: Sequencing and Assisting (30hrs)**


Wednesday 12 – Sunday 16 August
As teachers, we guide small and large groups of unique individuals through journeys of exploration and connection with the self. This module will focus on ways to support your classes and their anatomical, energetic and subtle intentions as well as deepening our understanding of the responsibility towards, and connections we hold with, each student.
In this module you will learn:

– How to assist from a place of wholeness
– How to create a safe container for touch
– To understand cellular presence and yielding as principles to support touch
– To be more trauma informed in touch and assisting
– Sequencing for an embodied experience

Module 6: Holding Transformational Space in the Class (40hrs)**


Wednesday 21 – Sunday 25 October
Relationship, dynamic, energy and space. As teachers we consciously and sub-consciously hold and transform these in each class we teach. This module will bring all these subtle aspects of a class to the foreground, providing you with tools, support and practical knowledge in how to hold space in a more meaningful way.
In this module you will learn:

– Energetic Boundaries & listening

– Understand the relationship of how to orient yourself in yourself emotionally, physically and energetically
– Learn to navigate triggers in the classroom as they arise
– Biosphere + Space (the physical components of holding pace)
– Understanding cellular digestion, digestion and how it supports being in relationship to the room
– How to be neutral and invitational to support the agency of your students in their processes
– How to create a relational field with the room and what that means
– Use the relational cycle and understand yielding into relationship with the room and what’s present all while staying in relationship to yourself
– How to have a full body, heart centered presence in the classroom

Module 7: The Internal Ritual: Tantra, Mantra and Sound (50hrs)


Tuesday 27 October – Sunday 01 November
The internal ritual is the name of the ancient meditation ritual that yogis would engage with daily. In this module, we will explore the components across different yogic sects from source texts. This will include mantra, pranayama, the philosophy and science of sound, kriyas, meditation, asana, and mudras and their purpose in the vinyasa of these ancient rituals. The ritual of the Chakra meditation will be explored as well, through sound, the bija mantras of the elements, how to work with the chakras as a meditation tool to create awakening and break down of the components of the ancient ritual. We will also break down the different maps from different philosophies and learn the ritual of tending to the heart fire.

Module 8: Theming (20hrs)**


Friday 27 – Sunday 29 November
This module will give you the tools to create transformational classes and experiences based on how you weave through a theme. Different themes as well as methodology will be explored to help create classes that feel cohesive and complete.
In this module you will learn how to:
– Understand what is appropriate to share in a trauma informed approach
– How to identify, research and choose themes
– How to weave the theme throughout the class in cues, mantras, mudras, pranayamas, meditation and more

Module 9: Advance your Teaching (35hrs)**


Thursday 4 – Sunday 07 February 2021
A practical component to the advanced, 300hr teacher-training, this module will give you the space to integrate everything learned and explored into classes. Learn from each other, teach classes, receive feedback and exchange practical, technical, energetic and embodied experiences with your peers and teachers.
In this module you will learn:

– To create more clear and concise cueing

– To work with and meet resistance in the classroom from an invitational space
– To integrate the tools we have worked with so far and understand the next steps in teaching

Bonus ELECTIVE (50hrs)


Choose from several electives to transform your 300hr TT into a 350hr (or for non-teachers, delve deeper in to the history, philosphy and spirituality of Yoga). The electives, their teachers, their dates and their content are TBC.


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